What is Valuation

It is easily understood that determining the value of a business is a complex issue that is influenced by many parameters, both internal to the business and external with reference to its interaction with its environment. All these factors are taken into account and evaluated in order to draw the appropriate conclusions.

Why we need Valuation

The economic crisis brought great changes to the business world. Some businesses were led to “closure” and some to rapid growth and prospects for significant development. In this context the entrepreneurs asked for solutions in modern business schemes and funding. Both for the acquisition and for the measurement of a company’s performance, the application of valuation methods for its net worth are an important tool for financial management.

What we offer

We are able to evaluate both the past course and the actions of the business as well as to capture its future prospects. By applying the appropriate financial methods either in combination or individually, we are able to determine the value of the business and additionally focus on the basic points of sensitivity of the business that significantly affect its valuation.


a.  Application of discounting methods
b. Application of comparative methods

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