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What is Microsoft Power BI

At Grand Value we have invested in one of the world’s most popular tools of business intelligence, Microsoft Power BI. Our goal is to transform your company data into strategic business decisions.

Microsoft Power BI is a collection of applications, services and connectors that work together aiming to transform data from different sources into visualized information.

The information is accessible from all places either via a computer, or via a mobile phone or tablet. The data is hosted on Microsoft’s infrastructure which provides high standards of security and availability of approximately 99.9%.

What is the need

With the Microsoft Power BI platform, users can:

  • Manage information from databases with the goal of taking innovative and immediate decisions
  • Ask questions and get instant answers in real time
  • Benefit from features provided by the Power BI platform without any particular expertise
What we offer

Grand Value has developed ready solutions for commercial and financial management some of which are listed below:

  • Company overview (Turnover, Profitability and mapping)
  • Analysis of Sales by customer/type/seller (Top 5, Comparatives, Geographical Distribution, Categorizations)
  • Market Analysis (by supplier/type)
  • Inventory analysis (balances and values per storage area/category)
  • Customer/Supplier balances as well as maturity of balances
  • Statement of Results per Company / Department with comparative analyzes in relation to budget / forecast / LY
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