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What is Financial Reporting

For most businesses, their development process is one of the most important. It creates new opportunities, brings in new clients and generates more revenue and higher profits.A basic condition for achieving the growth of a business is taking effective and correct decisions. This means that the middle and senior executives of a company must have the right tools, to be precise, have at their disposal correct financial data and analyzes – reports.

Organizing and collecting financial data are the main pillars in increasing the profitability of a business

GRAND VALUE has on one hand specialized executives with technical know-how and on the other sophisticated programs and information systems (ERP). GRAND VALUE executives deal exclusively with the effective analysis and reporting of corporate financial indicators in a format usable by all departments of the client s they serve. They have the knowledge to analyze, present and utilize AGILE REPORTS for their clients, on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

What is the need

The executives of every company, in order to make correct strategic decisions and draw up an effective corporate strategy, it is necessary  to have at their disposal reliable analyzes of financial performance indicators.

What we offer

Utilizing the special information systems that we have in the Group, we analyze on a daily basis a range of economic factors in the form of Agile analytics for our clients,  and together, we collaborate for the correct interpretation of the results.


α. P&L Statements
β. Balance Sheets
γ. Cash Flow Statements
δ. Budgeting
e. Key Analytics

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