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What is Due Diligence

Due diligence studies, widely known as due diligence reports, concern   the thorough evaluation of a company’s actions at a financial, accounting and/or tax level.

What is the need?

During the process of drawing up an agreement, whether it concerns the purchase of shares or private lending, the parties involved need to have extensive information about the company among which its financial and commercial course, accounting and tax handling or even a combination of all the above.

In this way, the parties form a better picture of the internal operation of the business, its weak points if any or the significant risks that the business undertakes with its activity or the management model it applies.

What we offer

Based on the client’s specific needs, we are able to analyze the financial information of the business in question, evaluate the Management’s handling (accounting, financial, tax, etc.) and investigate any problems or special conditions that occur in its daily operation.

We compare the management practices with both, the commercial practices of the industry and the accounting and tax rules in place


a.  Financial Due Diligence
b. Tax Due Diligence
c. Accounting Due Diligence

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