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What is Βusiness Intelligence

The modern business environment is characterized by rapid changes, new trends and intense competitiveness. In this context, information is a central and particularly critical point of reference. The quality of information combined with the speed of collection and visualization influence the decision-making process and contribute to the creation of a competitive advantage.

 The term Business Intelligence describes a set of methods and procedures that, with the use of appropriate tools, transform data from different source into useful information for businesses. The interpretation and evaluation ofthis information can offer business executives new opportunities, flexibility to adapt to market conditions as well as the development of new strategies.

What is the need

Every business needs to be able to combine data from different sources. The data that is stored daily from all kinds of transactions and data forms in different computerized systems, is not in a position by itself to provide essential information to executives so as to take critical decisions. Comparing historical data, analyzing consumer behavior, monitoring key financial metrics and optimizing processes are just some of the needs that a business must find ways to fulfill. Business Intelligence Systems can answer to these needs as well as to many others.

What we offer

Having implemented a large number of projects in a variety of Business Intelligence tools, Grand Value’s experienced team effectively contributes to the transformation of your company data into strategic business decisions.

We achieve the integration of IT systems resulting in the creation of the digital transformation of businesses. We design financial analyses, with a view to the best processing and the most effective utilization of the data of each organization, regardless of its size


a.  Microsoft Power BI
b. Microsoft Power Apps
c. Custom Solutions Development

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