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What is Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is the adoption of digital technologies in businesses and the transition from manual record keeping and data to organized data management systems.  In the needs of the modern digital age, the transition from traditional ways of daily operation and problem solving to new technologies is now necessary for the efficient operation of businesses.

Many business executives see Digital Transformation as a tool to improve productivity and increase profitability, not so much through increasing revenue, but mainly through reducing business operating costs.

What is the need

Digital technologies are creating new markets and unprecedented opportunities for businesses. They open new ways for them to:

  • Integrate the needs and preferences of their customers into their development and production processes
  • Improve quality and avoid errors during the production process.
  • Enhance transparency and flexibility in all company activities
  • Create new jobs, developing the way they work
What we offer

The Grand Value team with its experienced executives is here to transfer all the necessary know-how for the safe and structured transition to the digital age.  Having deep knowledge of the market with numerous implementations in different industries and in combination with the technical training of its executives in ERP, CRM, BI database systems, etc., we undertake the analysis and definition of specifications required for the digital transformation. 

We work with business executives to gain an in-depth understanding of the organization’s structures, organization, functions and processes to drive digital transformation. 

We record, analyze and plan all the necessary actions required to replace traditional business monitoring methods with new digital and technologically developed operational solutions aimed at optimizing the productivity and efficiency of all the available resources of the organization.


a.  Software Systems
b. Cloud technologies
c. Specification & Implementation Analysis
d. Business Intelligence

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