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What is Econometric studies

These are special studies concerning businesses in operation and are intended to assess various econometric and performance key indicators. Through these studies, the course of the business in the immediate future is estimated and appraised, cash funding or other possible difficulties can pe identified and risks and opportunities are analyzed.  Types of these studies can be consolidation study, sustainability study, impact study, etc

Indicative Projects implemented.
  1. Impact Study
    The Purpose of the project was to analyze the financial impact of our exclusive client from the purchase of goods from their main supplier. Blocking led our clients to expensive alternatives having significant impact on the clients’ financial results. The blocking was not continuous and long lasting, but was occurring in unpredictable intervals of indefinite duration. The client was led to litigation, in which he provided the financial study of the impact of the client’s profitability. We analyzed total purchases and sales, the various distribution channels and the geographical spread of customers, as well as the historical quotation prices from the main supplier and other alternatives. At the same time, we incorporated market and competition trends taking into account changes in the industry with new entries and merger of existing industry players. In this way we determined the impact of the supplier’s actions against the customer in order to support their arguments in court.

  2. Standard costing model
    The purpose of the project was to design a systematic model for creating production recipes. In cooperation with the client, we methodically recorded the production process of each product and service and automated the main and complementary stages of production. At each stage we integrated the standard cost values ​​per material to obtain the standard cost of each product An additional feature of our methodology is the dynamic costing of new services by adding or removing various production stages. So, a useful tool has been created for our client, who can now dynamically control the costs of each service/product, budget possible production costs for services/products under research/development and also foresee the possible cost increases, in cases of alterations in production stages.

  3. Evaluation of loans in Swiss Franc
    In order to negotiate with the bank, we provided our clients with analysis services of their Swiss franc loans and their conversion into euros and determined their losses due to the change in the euro-Swiss franc exchange rate.
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